Royden Greaves

“This has literally changed my life.”

Abigail Rose

“Create and commit this space in your diary to allow God to bless and challenge you in ways that enrich your life!”

Noortje Tyrell

“Those who sign up receive lots of leadership skills and strategies, a community, and space to grow and develop.”

Michelle O'Connor

“It allows you to become aware of leadership roles and how you can personally develop them.”

Darren Quinnell

“Skills for everyday work and social life that will improve the way you think and interact with others.”

Joy Da Costa

“I’ve learnt A LOT! Highlights were mentoring, which helped me grow, and peer learning with inspiring people my age.”

Abi Herring

“A year to develop your relationship with God in a community of like-minded people.”

Spiritual leadership training to help you fulfil God's vision for your life

Remarkable Lives:

Learn spiritual leadership from the missionaries of history

John Wesley

Revivalist. Founder of Methodist Church. Planted over 500 churches across Britain and Ireland.

Hudson Taylor

Missionary to China. Founder of China Inland Mission, now called OMF.

Amy Carmichael

Missionary to India. Rescued thousands of children from temple prostitution and slavery.

William Wilberforce

Politician. Led the parliamentary campaign to abolish the slave trade.

Patience – The Force Within You

Patience is not indifference, inaction, and nor is it impossible… it is a powerful force within us. It is a stable concrete structure that supports your inner life from collapsing when people mock you for your dreams, don’t appreciate you for your efforts and want to...

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What is the Good News?

What is the Good News? What makes the Christian gospel such good news? It’s obviously a play on words, since gospel and good news mean the same thing, so one is actually the same as the other. But having stated the obvious, what does that actually mean? What is the...

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