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God uses leaders to further His Kingdom; we see this throughout the Bible and throughout history. Any project, church, ministry or movement is only as strong as its leadership. A major problem is that many in leadership don’t have a clear vision for where God is leading them, and many don’t possess the spiritual depth or leadership skills to lead others towards fulfilling that vision.

In today’s world young leaders all around the globe need new kingdom lenses to discern things and see what is possible; they need direction, courage to live deep and meaningful lives, and competence to lead and respond to the upward call of God in their lives. Young leaders often feel ill equipped, isolated and overwhelmed, they struggled with anxiety about the future and are driven by current trends rather than eternal truths.

One Rock exists to inspire leaders to build their lives upon the strong foundation of Jesus’ Kingdom. We see a new generation of leaders who are missionary entrepreneurs pioneering new churches, businesses, social enterprises, charities, mission organisations and justice campaigns. Leaders who are planted in supportive communities that build trust and encourage collaboration. Our vision is to create a movement around the world of Spirit-led leaders representing all walks of life serving God, changing their local context and having global impact.

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Asking Good Questions

I’ve joked for probably twenty years now that I collect good questions. Some collect stamps, some collect spoons, some collect books (actually I do that too – somewhere around university I switched from collecting music albums to good books). But I now collect good...

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Definition of Teamwork

What’s the definition of teamwork? Here’s one that I’m enjoying using at the moment. Effective teamwork is: Helping people do something they love and are good at doing, With a group of people they enjoy being with, In the pursuit of a cause they believe in.   If...

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Billy Graham: Inspiring Quotes

To continue our inspiring quotes series, here are some great sentences of wisdom and challenge from Billy Graham: "A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip." "My one purpose in life is to help people find a relationship with God,...

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