God uses leaders to further His Kingdom – we see this throughout the Bible and throughout history. Any project, church, ministry or movement is only as strong as its leadership, and all fail when leadership is lacking. Sadly many in leadership don’t have a clear vision for where God is leading them, and many don’t possess the spiritual depth or leadership skills to lead others forward.

One Rock trains people in spiritual leadership to help them fulfil God’s vision for their lives. We provide life-changing resources in four streams; Spiritual Formation, Discerning Vision, Leadership Skills and Global Mission, to help people know God better, know His vision for the future, and know how to lead others into that future. We believe stories and relationships change lives when combined with the right training content. We teach spiritual leadership with the bible as our core text, supplemented by the best models from business and academia. We then integrate these lessons with stories from the great missionary leaders of history, with personal coaching from great spiritual leaders of today, and through relationships with others who are following God’s call.

Our Academy of Spiritual Leadership helps young adults in major cities to deepen their spiritual life, clarify their vision, sharpen their leadership and broaden their network. Our Remarkable Lives biography series shares stories and teaches lessons from the great missionary leaders of history – imagine being mentored by the giants from church history. Our Workshop Series develops the spiritual leadership capacity of churches and organisations.

We work in partnerships to achieve more. We have worked alongside Lifeshape International for ten years; they send some of the top Chick-fil-A executives and franchise owners to coach young leaders on our Academies. Our Remarkable Lives biography series is published in conjunction with Authentic Media. Across Africa we work with the Bible Society and are part of the African Biblical Leadership Initiative. In the UK we partner with Methodist Evangelicals Together to resource churches, and with Fresh Expressions to network and train pioneer church leaders.

“I attended a One Rock leadership workshop in 2011 and it really motivated me to turn a 25-year-old dream into reality. By the end of the 5 day training, my fuzzy dream had become a concrete vision with action steps to be taken. Two years later my new non-profit organization was formed and the first PLAY camp was held. I continue to go back and review my notebook from that training to inspire me!” Lisa Poll, Director & Founder of PLAY, South Africa

Lisa continues to run PLAY camps in South Africa. For more info see www.PLAYnonprofit.org

Spiritual Formation

Growing in the rhythms and habits necessary for spiritual maturity.

Discerning Vision

Meeting with God, hearing with clarity His vision for our lives.

Leadership Skills

Growing in the skills of a leader, and the unique values Jesus brought to leadership.

Global Mission

Living the Great Commandment and Great Commission; loving our neighbours and making disciples of all nations.

One Rock is a member of the Evangelical Alliance, and abides by their statement of faith.