Amy Carmichael knew the importance of discipling her team, to ensure the success of her work of rescuing Indian children from slavery. She developed a holiness movement for her key team members called the Sisters of Common Life. They met every Saturday to encourage one another, and they developed a vow and a rule of life to ensure they continued to grow in holiness and in grace throughout their working lives.


Vow of the Sisters of Common Life

My Vow: Whatsoever Thou sayest unto me, by thy grace I will do it.

My Constraint: Thy love, of Christ, my Lord.

My Confidence: Thou are able to keep that which I have committed unto Thee.

My Joy: To do Thy will, O God.

My Discipline: That which I would not choose, but which Thy love appoints.

My Prayer: Conform my will to Thine.

My Motto: Love to live. Live to love.

My Portion: The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance.


As a spiritual leader, what are you doing to promote a holiness movement within your team? Are the core volunteers and staff members who are following you also growing in grace and holiness? Can you learn anything from Amy Carmichael’s example?

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Joanna has a passion for mentoring female leaders to become mentors for a new generation. She is a founding director of One Rock, a board member of Renovare UK, a lecturer with Westminster Theological College, and is studying for a doctorate with Asbury Theological Seminary. She has written a biographies on Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael.

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