Five Causes of Depression

Here are five causes of depression that I’ve experienced in my own life. I’m not saying this is a catch all list – perhaps it’s just the areas where I am most vulnerable. But I share them in the hope that they may also help you. Because when you are aware of the...

Letter to the Hebrews

The Letter to the Hebrews, like most other New Testament letters, has a fairly simple two part structure. The first part is a recap of some foundational theological truths (in this case the supremacy of Jesus, above any other person, priest or system). The second part...

What’s the Purpose of Prayer?

What’s the purpose of prayer? Why bother with bothering God about anything? Is there any purpose in prayer? There are two errors I tend to find people believe that cause us to ask this question of why pray. The first is that God will always have His way, so why bother...

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