God has a vision for all of our lives. But in the busyness of distracted 21st century life, it can often be difficult to hear His still, small voice, and discern where He is leading us.


We liken the process of discernment to looking through a telescope with different lenses. By looking through the lenses of Revelation, Need, Passion and Gifts, we gain clarity on God’s vision for our lives. Such clarity is essential if we are to truly fulfil God’s vision for us.

You can access free articles on Discerning Vision at our blog on the sidebar to this page.

Here are some other recommended resources, from partners and trusted organisations we endorse:

Barna: One of the first organisations to highlight the importance of vision for Christian ministry, and a continued wealth of information on vision, cultural trends, and Christian leadership.

StrengthsFinder: The current tool of choice for discerning more about your unique strengths, and how you can use them most effectively for ministry.

Building Church: One of the best online spiritual gifts assessments available. Free to take.

Want2GetOn: Christian careers coaching from Charles Humphreys.

Discerning Vision workshops delivered by the One Rock team can be booked for your church or organisation.

Three Signs of a Powerful Vision

Here are three signs of a powerful vision. I’ve written before on The Purpose of Vision, and it’s become one of the most popular posts on this blog. So this is a follow up of sorts. A powerful vision statement provides purpose and direction, as I wrote about earlier....

Can You Say It In One Sentence?

Can you say it in one sentence is a great phrase to bear in mind when you’re trying to clarify vision and strategy. Last night I was talking with a friend who wants to write a book. We were talking through the core idea he wants the book to get across, and although...

Top Three Books on Vision

Vision is a subject endlessly talked about now within leadership circles, but I find there are relatively few good books written about the subject. And especially when we think in terms of vision as being given by God, there can be even less literature on it. So here...

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