Shocking… how many people do not like their jobs.

There are fewer jobs to go around nowadays, and nobody really knows when this will change. Many people are eagerly waiting for more jobs to come up; not because they need one, but because they want to change the one they already have.

The reasons are plentiful. They rank from anything like; I hate the commute to work, the traffic, the stuffy underground and the bad morning breath of people on it, the coffee they serve in break hour and the incompetent boss who shows no interest in what I do. Your job is void of meaningful tasks and lacks vision, you feel under appreciated, under valued and generally under the weather when you are there. There are many things on which our job satisfaction depends; pay, coworkers, management, general job design, working conditions, perceived long-range opportunities.

But how do we enjoy our job more if we cannot quit it due to all sorts of factors?

  • Appreciate it. As difficult as it may sound, no matter how much you do not like your job, at least you have one. Find things about it you can appreciate, even if this seems to be impossible at first. There are people out there who would love to have your job if they could.
  • Evaluate your attitude. Is the job the only thing in life you are dissatisfied with, or is it part of a wider and deeper frustration?
  • Make changes. If there are things you do not like in your job, ask yourself, “Have I done everything I can to change them? Is there anything else I can do?”
  • Prepare for promotion or a better job out there. The truth is, you need experience and knowledge. Good jobs do not just come along; they are created or pursued. Sitting and complaining about your job is not going to change anything, which leads to the next thing.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Do not allow other dissatisfied people to fuel your despair. Show initiative and be more positive yourself.
  • Be faithful in small things. Do all tasks well; this way you will learn self respect and gain a reputation as a person who is reliable.
  • Invest in relationships. Since a lot of our job satisfaction comes down to the people we work with, try to develop good relationships with your coworkers and resolve conflicts that may arise
  • Realize your job is not your whole life. There is more to your life then the job you do to pay your bills. What hobbies, friends and activities bring you joy and give you a sense of fulfillment? Do them more.

I do not have to look at faceless statistics. Many of the people I know do not like their jobs. Finding the right job for you in the first place comes down to realizing what is your overall vision for your life. What is it that God has called you and equipped you to do? It is never too late to ask this question. I believe He does not want you to waste your life away killing time in a dead end job. He is the God of endless opportunities. Go ahead: ask Him for vision, and keep asking – He will answer.

Joanna has a passion for mentoring female leaders to become mentors for a new generation. She is a founding director of One Rock, a board member of Renovare UK, and an associate lecturer at Oasis College. In her spare time she loves taking photographs of nature, and playing with her cat Chester.

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