Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. It is the skill that can unlock the potential in any situation. Leadership is amoral; it can be used for good or for evil purposes, and the same skills can be employed for both ends. However, while the skills remain the same, Christian leadership is distinctive in the unique values that Jesus brought to the subject through his teaching and example.

The One Rock curriculum covers what leadership is, takes an in-depth look at some of the crucial skills involved (such as Planning, Communication, Building Teams and Coaching), and also explores the values of Jesus relevant to leadership.

You can access free articles on Leadership Skills at our blog on the sidebar to this page.

Here are some other recommended resources, from partners and trusted organisations we endorse.

John Maxwell: Blog from one of the most prolific writers and authorities on Christian leadership

Michael Hyatt: A superb blog on leadership and personal effectiveness.

Jim Collins: Website from the sought-after expert on organisational planning and strategy.

Leadership Skills workshops delivered by the One Rock team can be booked for your church or organisation.

Top Three Leadership Books of 2016

Each year I read dozens of books, many of them on leadership. Here are my three top leadership books of 2016. Note that these aren’t necessarily books that were published in 2016; they’re books that I read and have been impacted by in 2016.   The E-Myth, by...

Three Team Killers

Here’s three team killers that can quickly destroy your team environment: Lack of Clarity: When team members don’t have clarity on the roles they should each be playing, or clarity on the overall vision they are working towards and reason for the team’s existence,...

Three Simple Ways to Build Trust

I wrote recently about how trust is the foundation for everything in leadership. So what as a leader can you do to build trust? It’s critical that your team members trust you, that you trust them, and that they trust each other. So here’s some simple things you can...