Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. It is the skill that can unlock the potential in any situation. Leadership is amoral; it can be used for good or for evil purposes, and the same skills can be employed for both ends. However, while the skills remain the same, Christian leadership is distinctive in the unique values that Jesus brought to the subject through his teaching and example.

The One Rock curriculum covers what leadership is, takes an in-depth look at some of the crucial skills involved (such as Planning, Communication, Building Teams and Coaching), and also explores the values of Jesus relevant to leadership.

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Here are some other recommended resources, from partners and trusted organisations we endorse.

John Maxwell: Blog from one of the most prolific writers and authorities on Christian leadership

Michael Hyatt: A superb blog on leadership and personal effectiveness.

Jim Collins: Website from the sought-after expert on organisational planning and strategy.

Leadership Skills workshops delivered by the One Rock team can be booked for your church or organisation.

Trust is the Foundation of Leadership

Trust is the foundation of leadership. Without trust, everything either slows down or stops altogether. Effective leadership is a combination of several key skills or attributes; Vision, Integrity, Planning, Communication, Building Teams and Coaching. Consider how...

The Importance of Employee Volunteer Programs

Each workplace is a part of a greater community. By implementing employee volunteer programs, not only will the community benefit, but so will the staff and the workplace as a whole. “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give,” said Winston...

Three Areas Where Leaders Focus

Where should leaders focus? It can be easy to get involved with a bit of everything that’s happening within your organisation. There’s a temptation to slice your time up and divide it evenly between every department or priority you have, but that’s rarely a good idea....

Don’t Abdicate Responsibility

Here’s some leadership advice I’ve learned the hard way; don’t abdicate responsibility. As a leader, the biggest burden you carry is responsibility. One of my personal definitions of leadership is actually taking responsibility for the outcome of a situation. When...