We’re now open for registrations to the next London Academy, which starts in October 2018. This is an excellent opportunity for any people in their 20s or 30s to deepen their spiritual life, clarify their vision, sharpen their leadership and broaden their network.

Out of previous Academies charities have been formed, churches planted, missional coffee shops opened, new youth events birthed, online ministries begun, residential discipleship centres set up and safe houses for trafficked women created. Additionally, Academy alumni are also serving as overseas missionaries, as advisors to foreign heads of state, and with major responsibilities within the UK civil service.

The Academy has a wealth of unique features:

  • 60 hours of training content, spread throughout the year, taking you through some of the best resources and wisdom available in spiritual formation, discerning vision and leadership skills.
  • Monthly coaching conversations with an older, more experienced leader, who will help you reflect on the training curriculum and apply it personally to your life and leadership.
  • Community evening gatherings with other leaders on the course, allowing you to support and pray for each other, and crowd source each other’s wisdom through peer mentoring.
  • Missionary biographies and studies from great leaders of the past, exploring how John Wesley, Hudson Taylor, Amy Carmichael, William Wilberforce and others lived out these principles.
  • A PEAKS personality profile, developed by Research Communication International in Singapore, helping you understand how your unique personality affects your spiritual formation and your leadership style.
  • Training and coaching input from Chick-fil-A, an incredibly successful US business run on biblical principles, and with great expertise in servant leadership and building high performance teams.


“Amazing, refreshing, clear, encouraging. Getting to know great people and learning from real life experiences. Thanks so much for everything!” Cerys Cotterill

“It was professional, spirit filled, with great people and fab mentors. J I’ve learned how to apply my faith into leadership. Thank you so much guys for creating a great atmosphere and making it so enjoyable.” Monika Perinova

“A fantastic learning experience and blessing.” Jenny Hamilton

For more information and to book in, click here.

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