London Academy: October 2018 – July 2019

An opportunity for Christians aged 25-35 to deepen their spiritual life, clarify their vision, sharpen their leadership and broaden their network. Over one year those who sign up receive Content, Coaching and Community to develop their spiritual leadership, and help them fulfil God’s vision for their lives. The course is designed for busy people, enabling it to be completed by those in full time employment, and with busy family commitments.

It’ s given me fresh vision, strengthened my relationship with God, provided me with loving Christian friends and taught me incredible leadership skills… The quality of the training material was excellent… I could not recommend it more wholeheartedly; it’s changed the very direction of my life. Onyi Ifinnwa


Great for personal and spiritual development. Paul How

Intern, Christian Solidarity Worldwide

It has really been useful in helping me understand what God’s plan is, and helped me to grow in my faith and understanding of His love for me. Adam Kelly

Youth Worker, Oxygen

Great teaching… genuinely brilliant mentors… input from successful business people… networking with people in similar situations. Lisette Broadfoot

Operations Manager, Jubilee Church Bromley

Very useful information about being a good leader… it has stimulated my thinking in a safe environment and enabled a range of learning through different styles, and conversation with a great group of people. Sarah Hamlyn

NHS Manager

Gain clarity of who Christ is, and the vision and life He wants to bless you with. Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

Freelance Web Designer, Dwayne Paisley-Marshall

A Four Minute Video explaining the Academy Structure

The Academy provides you with:

Content: Workshop days of training on spiritual leadership.

Coaching: Monthly conversations to ensure your growth.

Community: Evenings with peer young leaders for encouragement.

Cost is £895. Early bird rate of £695 if booked by 30 April 2018.


Eleven workshop days over the course of the year take you through the One Rock curriculum in Spiritual Formation, Discerning Vision and Leadership Skills. The content is delivered over the following days:

  • 24-27 October 2018 (4 day workshop)
  • 08 December 2018
  • 10 February 2019
  • 27 April 2019
  • 24-27 July 2019 (4 day workshop)

This covers 5 Saturdays and 6 weekdays. Outcomes from the curriculum include developing a personal rhythm of spirituality, greater discernment on God’s vision for your life, more confidence in communication, learning how to build high performance teams, how to plan strategically, and how to coach others.


Ten coaching conversations over the course of the year help you apply the content personally to your life. Each Academy delegate is paired with an older leader who supports them through monthly coaching conversations. 50% of our coaches are British spiritual leaders from key spheres of society including business, politics, church, and the media. The remaining 50% are successful American business leaders from the US firm Chick-fil-A, a privately owned corporation run on profoundly Christian values, and with a turnover in excess of $5 billion annually. The US coaches attend the four day workshops at the beginning and end of the Academy year, and lead their monthly coaching conversations via SKYPE. The UK coaches meet up in person for their monthly conversations.


Over the year Academy members become part of a community of young leaders, with two sorts of evening meetings for encouragement and growth; Quads are opportunities to pray with three or four other members of the Academy cohort, while Gatherings are for the whole group to come together to share their experiences and advise each other. By doing this we hope to seed new communities similar to the Clapham Sect, a group of reformers from 200 years ago. Led by William Wilberforce, and featuring Christians from across different spheres of society, they transformed the world through the abolition of the slave trade, the legalisation of sending missionaries to India, and founding the Church Mission Society and the Bible Society.

This flexible and superb training is ideal for busy, gifted young people in your congregation… the material is great and the presentation/ delivery is professional. Vince Turner

Senior Pastor, Westminster Community Church

Practical, insightful, and delivered and presented with impressive excellence. Girma Bishaw

Pastor, Ethiopian Fellowship Church

I have seen how first-hand how One Rock has helped our team step into the leadership that God has for them. I recommend One Rock wholeheartedly. Andy Frost

Director, Share Jesus and London Mission Collective

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The London Academy of Spiritual Leadership costs £895 for the full series of resources above. Early bird rate of £695 if booked by 30 April 2018.