Spiritual Formation simply means becoming more like Jesus. Our spiritual formation curriculum looks at what it means to follow Jesus, how there is a call and a cost to our discipleship, and how that call should be worked out in community. The training sessions look at Jesus’ moral teaching, especially the Sermon on the Mount. There are also extremely practical sessions on spiritual disciplines, helping people to grow in their practice of worship, prayer, bible study, fasting, meditation, journaling, etc. You can access free articles on Spiritual Formation at our blog on the sidebar to this page.

Here are some other recommended resources, from partners and trusted organisations we endorse.

  • Renovare: An organisation developing the work and teachings of Richard Foster and Dallas Willard to encourage people in their spiritual formation.
  • Lyfe: An introductory course to spiritual disciplines, and the concept of a rule of life.
  • The Bible Society: Creators of the Lyfe material, and passionate about getting the Bible as an aid to the transformation of society.
  • Dallas Willard: Website for author, theologian and spiritual formation authority Dallas Willard.
  • Transforming Centre: Strengthening the soul of pastors and Christian leaders.

Spiritual Formation workshops delivered by the One Rock team can be booked for your church or organisation.

Discipline the Body

There are numerous passages in the bible that encourage us to discipline the body, and be wary about serving our own appetites rather than serving God. “I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for...

Abundant Life v. Exaggerated Life

Who does not want an abundant life, a fulfilled life, a life that matters? Lack of a sense of meaning and significance in life scales down from disappointment through discouragement to depression. We fall into these dark states because we buy into a lie – a lie of an...

The Resurrected Man

A great passage on the importance of spiritual formation is found towards the end of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s masterful novel, The Brothers Karamazov. One of the Karamazov brothers, Dmitry, is in prison, about to be sentenced for years of hard labour in Siberia for a...