What do other people say about you?

This is a great question for anyone trying to discern better their purpose in life.

What are you known for? How do other people describe you? If your name comes up in a conversation, what do people immediately associate with you?

Over the last few years, I’ve heard people describe me variously as a missionary historian, a leadership guru, and someone with a passion for London. They’re not always accurate (I definitely don’t feel knowledgeable enough to be a guru!), but they give indications of what others see as my skill set, and they become signposts on the direction I’m travelling in.

What other people say about you is an indication of what they respect you for, what they will listen to you about, and possibly what they will even pay you to do. If those are good things, could they be clues as to what God’s vision is for your life? Clues on the gifts and passions that God has given you?

For me, I already knew I was called to leadership training, and to praying for London in some way. But people describing me as a missionary historian helped me to better discern further one way that God wants me to be involved in mission work today – by telling the stories and sharing the lessons from missionaries from our history, and helping others apply them for today.

So what do other people say about you?

Mark Williamson is a founding director of One Rock International. He’s a lay preacher and leader within the Methodist Church, author of a biography on John Wesley, and is currently researching for a biography on William Wilberforce. He enjoys good films, good food, praying for London, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna.

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