Who is journeying with you in life? To be specific, in your spiritual life? This is one of the most critical questions for us all to answer.

Prayer triplets, accountability partners, house groups – all these have a role, provided they are with people you actually want to journey with. Are you opening up your life to them? Praying together, asking the hard questions of each other, celebrating successes, going through hard times together?

A couple of years ago I decided to stop using the phrase “catch up”. There were so many people I wanted to catch up with, I was in a permanent state of running around trying to catch up with people. And forever trying to catch up leaves you out of breath.

Instead of playing endless catch up, I want to do more journeying with people. If I’m catching up with someone, it’s because I’ve not been doing life with them. And I really hunger after a community of people that I’m part of, and doing life together with.

So who are your fellow spiritual pilgrims? Who do you want to share the journey with? Who will you commit to walking alongside – not racing ahead, nor lagging behind – so that you share the journey of spiritual life in all its fullness with them?

Mark Williamson is a founding director of One Rock International. He’s a lay preacher and leader within the Methodist Church, author of a biography on John Wesley, and is currently researching for a biography on William Wilberforce. He enjoys good films, good food, praying for London, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna.

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