William Wilberforce: Leader of Abolition Campaign

William Wilberforce was a politician, and parliamentary leader of the campaign to abolish the transatlantic slave trade. After a twenty year battle he and his friends succeeded in getting the trade banned. They also fought to send missionaries to India, and helped set up the Church Mission Society and the Bible Society.


Buy a copy of the Remarkable Lives book on William Wilberforce here. Not only a biography, it’s also a reference tool that includes all his most famous quotes, writings and anecdotes. And at the end of each chapter there are learning summaries, sharing life lessons from him in spiritual leadership.


You can also book a free seminar on his life and legacy from the author for your church or organisation.


Mark Williamson’s eminently readable biography of Wilberforce provides not just a pocket guide to a complex man whose gifts and calling were brought to bear at the very heart of public and political affairs, but to the living of a Christian life… Lessons to be learned from it can help us all practically to make a difference in these times as we try to follow in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Rt Hon. the Lord Paul Boateng

Member of House of Lords

For an example of the book’s content, read these blog posts on William Wilberforce:

Inspiring, challenging, encouraging, and hard to put down. This book encapsulates the breadth of Wilberforce’s life, his political wranglings and personal musings, and has fuelled my personal journey in the modern day battle against human trafficking.

Antoinette Daniel

Director, Merton Against Trafficking

Free William Wilberforce Seminar

The seminar is free, but travel expenses from SW London are requested.

Remarkable Lives

Other biographies and seminars in the Remarkable Lives series are available on John Wesley, Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael.

John Wesley

Revivalist. Founder of Methodist Church. Planted over 500 churches across Britain and Ireland.

Hudson Taylor

Missionary to China. Founder of China Inland Mission, now called OMF.

Amy Carmichael

Missionary to India. Rescued thousands of children from temple prostitution and slavery.

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