Studying scripture is a life changing habit to get into. The words of the prophets, the words of the apostles, and supremely the words of Jesus have the power to change lives. Are you reading them, so as to put yourself in a place where God can change your life?

At the age of 25, William Wilberforce seemingly had everything in life. He was best friends with the Prime Minister (William Pitt), and MP for one of the most prestigious seats in the House of Commons (Yorkshire). He was also fabulously wealthy, owning large properties in Wimbledon and Hull, and had just taken a lease on a holiday cottage in the Lake District. And did I mention he was only 25? He still had youth on his side too.

But Wilberforce still felt there was something missing in his life. He went on holiday with his mother and sister to Switzerland, and asked an old friend called Isaac Milner to join him so he could have some male companionship and conversation in the carriage each day as they passed through the Alps. They discussed religion, and together started to seriously study the New Testament, to check out whether its claims about Jesus and about salvation were true. After nearly a year of study, they reached the following conclusion:

“The final result of our discussions was a settled conviction in my mind, not only of the truth of Christianity, but also of the Scriptural basis of the leading doctrines.”

Wilberforce’s conversion to Christianity led to him taking up the cause of opposing the slave trade in parliament, and ultimately led to the end of this barbaric trade in flesh and blood the British had been profiting from for over two centuries. All of this because he started reading the Bible, and found out that it was true.

Studying scripture changes lives. What part of it are you studying? Are you ready for it to change your life, and the lives of others around you?

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Mark Williamson works as a director of One Rock. He’s an experienced leadership trainer, author of biographies on John Wesley and William Wilberforce, and is also passionate about praying for London. He enjoys good films, good food, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna. You can follow him on Twitter @markonerock.

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