One Rock International

Helping You to Lead a Remarkable Story

One Rock helps people grow in leadership so they can make a bigger missional impact. And we provide resources for churches and networks wanting to disciple young leaders.

The One Rock Institute is run in cities around the world, helping missional leaders develop a Rhythm of Life, a Vision Profile and a Project Leadership Plan.

The Remarkable Lives biography series tells stories and shares lessons from the great missionary leaders of history, equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow.

SheLives encourages female leaders all over the world to live their best story.

Impact Stories

Lisa Rind

Lisa Rind

Founder, PLAY, Pretoria

“One Rock really motivated me to turn a 25-year-old dream into a concrete vision with action steps to be taken. Two years later my new non-profit organization was formed… I continue to go back and review my notebook from that training to inspire me!”

Kirstyn Oliver

Kirstyn Oliver

Founder, Alma Autism, London

“My work has really flourished because I’m doing things for the right reasons… Alma Autism has really grown in the short period of space I’ve been doing One Rock… the leadership skills and time management has helped me to network with other people and build a community.”

How amazing this program is for someone who is seeking that next level in their relationship with Christ. Seeing and pursuing God’s vision for their life!

Jessica Jones, Atlanta

Enlightening… I can build a successful, Godly business… A lot of the content helped me think a lot more about entrepreneurship and leadership in that context.

Emmanuel Agoro, London

I learned a lot about how to know if my vision comes from God, and about leadership, how to lead a team in a good way, and how to live out Jesus’ values.

Name Withheld, Cairo

The Academy has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Our event was so blessed and made a difference for all who participated… Your words were life changing for me.

Pedro Caixeta, Brasilia

You have helped me to become a good leader. You have changed me.

Maggie Mumba, Lusaka

I was very impressed by the vision and well thought through structure of the program that is designed for habit formation… It’s quite a shift in perspective. One Rock seems like a perfect fit for us.

Nicholas Khoo, Singapore

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