Cairo Academy

A first Academy in Cairo took place in 2014-15, for 22 young leaders. Future Academies will happen in the coming years.

My vision is to serve and transform the next generation.

My vision is towards kids. I believe many Egyptian parents don’t know how to raise their children. I feel so angry that I want to cry when I see an innocent child smoking or addicted to anything. My vision is to make a school that teaches subjects and values at the same time.

My vision is to impact the youth through teaching, coaching and training.

My vision is to organise camps for children in the Middle East.

I learned a lot about how to know if my vision comes from God, and about leadership, how to lead a team in a good way, and how to live out Jesus’ values.

A very well organised training that pin points key aspects of leadership. Helps you think about your leadership and challenges you to improve it.

Good training because the course included many sessions on character and spirituality.

The best leadership curriculum.

Very helpful training, teaching with good quality materials and covering very critical subjects in a leader’s life.

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