Vision is a subject endlessly talked about now within leadership circles, but I find there are relatively few good books written about the subject. And especially when we think in terms of vision as being given by God, there can be even less literature on it.

So here are my top three books on vision, that discuss both what vision is, and how to discern God’s vision for your life:

  • Holy Discontent, Bill Hybels: Hybels has written many books on ministry, but I have a feeling this will come to be one of the enduring texts he is most remembered for. The premise is that the best way to discern God’s vision for your life is to find your own personal holy discontent – the injustice or state within this fallen world that makes you cry out like Popeye, “that’s all I can stand, and I can’t stand no more.”
  • The Power of Vision, George Barna: This is one of Barna’s most popular books, and has become a classic on the importance of vision for Christian ministry. It’s light on details of how to discern vision, but it offers a comprehensive argument for the importance and power of vision.
  • The Call, Os Guinness: Os Guinness gives a great overview of the subject of vision, and makes a great distinction between the primary call that we all share (to follow Jesus and grow in holiness) and then the secondary call that will be more specific for each of us (e.g. to plant a church, start a charity, become a nurse, write academic papers, etc)

Those are the top three books on vision that I’ve come across. Are there any others you would add?

Mark Williamson works as a director of One Rock. He’s an experienced leadership trainer, author of biographies on John Wesley and William Wilberforce, and is also passionate about praying for London. He enjoys good films, good food, and going for long walks with his wife Joanna. You can follow him on Twitter @markonerock.

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